All Color Optics Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years' experience in the holographic and brand protection security field. We can offer customized solutions based on customer's requirements. We have experience working on government projects and tenders around the world.

We can offer the following:
1) Base foil material (embossable foils for hot stamping, stickers, lamination, etc.)
2) Hard embossed foils                                                                                     
3) Finished labels and stickers
4) Scratch foils
5) Lenticular 3D stickers
6) Mobile app for online verification
7) PC platform for online verification
8) Covert image reader/decoder
9) Taggants and taggant reader
10) Holographic production machines
11) Nano-imprinter
12) UV resins
13) Personal protective equipment (e.g. surgical facemasks, face shields, protective goggles, N95 facemasks, non-contact IR thermometer, liquid crystal reusable thermometer strips, etc.)

We are a member of the International Hologram Manufacturer's Association (IHMA).