To protect valuable brands from counterfeiting
  Security Features available: QR code, scratch foil, covert hidden image, microtext, taggants, UV printing, IR printing, etc. 

  To make consumer products more eye-catching and appealing
  Security Features available: UV printing, IR printing, taggants, etc. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): 
  To provide personal protective products based on our expertise in chemistry and special coatings. 
  Features available: Anti-fog coating, alcohol resistant, anti-scratch, IR thermometer, etc.

We have more than 30 years in the holographic and brand protection security field 
We can offer customized security solutions for customer applications
We can combine holographic with latest printing technologies to offer a high security product
  (e.g. UV printing, IR printing, OVI printing, scratch foil, etc.)
We can offer excellent technical and after sales support
We have experience working on government and international tenders such as tax stamps, security documents and pharmaceutical stickers
We have broad experience in chemistry and special coatings to provide personal protective equipment for medical, dental and other healthcare workers
(e.g. facemasks, face splash protectors, protective goggles, smart thermal body temperature scanner, non-contact IR thermometers, liquid crystal reusable temperature strips, etc.)